Best Resources For Passing The AWS Developer Associate Exam

Pavle Djuric
4 min readMay 15, 2022

Cloud certifications can boost your career significantly. Before I got AWS certified, I wasn’t getting contacted by many recruiters on LinkedIn. After getting three of them, my inbox hasn’t seen any rest. Out of all three, I think the Developer Associate certification is the one that benefited me the most.

In this article I will recommend some resources that I used for passing the exam.

It took me around 30 days of studying to pass the exam, but I already had some professional experience using AWS. If you are completely new to cloud computing, I wouldn’t suggest taking this exam as your first. Instead, try completing the AWS Certified Practitioner exam before. Even though that one probably won’t get you too far in the sense of job offers, it will give you an excellent foundational knowledge about the most important services that AWS offers. Only then will you be really ready for the more advanced topics that will appear on the Developer Associate exam.

If you do already have a solid knowledge of how the cloud works, then I would recommend using these 4 resources for passing the exam:

  1. Stephane Maarek’s Udemy Course

This one was by far the most useful for me. It covers extensively all of the topics that will appear on the exam. Most importantly, Stephane really does a good job keeping the course up to date. This can be of crucial value, because AWS is constantly adding new services to it’s palette, and updating the already existing ones, so the exam questions also tend to change accordingly. Some courses don’t really update their content that often, which can cause you to give a wrong answer on the exam. This course is always updated regularly, so you don’t have to worry about getting outdated information.

2. Neil Davis and Digital Cloud

This is also an amazing source of knowledge for many cloud related topics. Besides having a large number of excellent courses, Neil Davis’s platform has a large number of practice exams, which are extremely important. You can spend weeks studying, but if you do not do at least 7–8 practice exams, your chances of passing will be significantly lower. The reason for that is because the questions on the actual exam can be very tricky. You need…

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